Sulekha Wow, the Sulekha Way of Working was born from our collective understanding and realization that building a great place to work is all about figuring out the how of performance management. This involves leaders having open, honest, frequent and constructive coaching dialogues with their team members on the “how” aspect of performance.

It’s so much easier to talk about and measure the what, as it’s all about the metrics, dashboards and other tangible, material outcomes. But we want our leaders to talk to their team members, give them personalized feedback and create awareness in them about what they are doing right, where they are perceived as lagging and how they could develop further, what they should start, stop or continue. Creating this awareness is what good talent management is all about, and the more senior you become, the more critical it gets.

Our aim to is to create an open and inclusive environment where employees can be heard, valued and provided with inputs, information as well as personalized feedback, thus empowering them to steer and fuel their career growth. But most managers will agree that this is the most difficult aspect of being a manager- we tend to be reticent, and often shy away from these conversations; the aspects to be addressed are mostly left to each individual manager.

The Sulekha WoW dimensions provide a guiding framework, one that acts as a navigating compass, a GPS, helping our managers to take these value-adding coaching conversations. The five dimensions of the Sulekha WoW are Competence, Commitment, Collaboration, Customer Focus and Leadership. We have created several learning, leadership development and reward mechanisms to imbue these competencies into our Sulekha culture, acknowledging the success of those who exemplify this behavior, giving them visibility within the organization as and providing them with opportunities for development.

This video celebrates the Sulekha WoW Winners for the 3rd season. Each of them have been nominated and voted for by their peers or managers and carefully selected from the final short list. Each of them epitomize one or more of the key competencies that we cherish with Sulekha: Competence, Commitment, Collaboration, Customer Focus and Leadership.