About Us

320+ M visits and 790+ M searches from users looking to buy a local service or a product. 80,000+ paid contracts from businesses and brands seeking to connect with such users.

Using a proven and powerful business model, sophisticated technology and nationwide operational footprint, Sulekha precisely matches, in real time, the needs of these two groups – purchase-oriented users willing to buy and growth-oriented businesses willing to pay (for such users) – in over 24,000 location-categories.

The mastery of this complexity, coupled with the India opportunity and 85% brand recognition across Indian and among NRIs, has helped Sulekha realize industry-leading monetization and sales growth, with double-digit EBITDA %, and positioned it for faster growth.

Several mutually reinforcing mega trends have helped Sulekha succeed and positioned it for high growth:

• Dramatic increase in India’s digital user base, both on web and mobile
• Digital media (web and mobile) is growing 5-10 times faster than all other media
• Local commerce response spends are growing 2 times faster than nationwide brand spends
• Users with purchase intent are 20-100 times more valuable than casual users
• Vast and untapped opportunity in converting online purchase intent to offline transactions
• Variable location- and need-based pricing yields 2-4 times more revenues than fixed pricing
• Moving farther in value delivery to businesses by enabling platform commerce
• So far tapped only 5% of the addressable market of 2 M spend-ready business and brands